Imagine the Possibilities!

From Pellet to Product – APS Compounding has the solutions to all your TPE molding and extrusion challenges. You imagine the possibilities – we’ll compound the ideal material for your product.  APS Compounding can deliver the best performing  elastomer for the best product you will ever design or manufacture.

With thousands of TPE formulations and plenty of TPE suppliers from which to choose, your unique product deserves a TPE  formulated precisely and exactly for your needs and specifications.  We are flexible enough to ensure the services we offer and products we develop will provide added value to you, your customers, and your bottom line.

APS Compounding is an independent, fully equipped compounding resource that can recreate, design or tweak any TPE to meet your most demanding specifications with new colors, additives or fillers.

Elastomer compounding specialists, APS Compounding's goal is to provide you with quick, affordable solutions with high performance results, offering you:


  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Quality control for optimum TPE performance during processing and for the end-use application
  • Fast turnaround
  • Turnkey solutions for your own manufacturing systems
  • Material replacement solutions
  • Your own proprietary formulations
  • R & D, testing and follow through Solutions for Injection Molding, Overmolding, Blow Molding, Film & Sheet Extrusion, Rotomolding and Profile Extrusion
  • Located minutes from Detroit’s International Airport

Markets served include:

  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Goods
  • Medical Products
  • Electrical/Electronic
  • Transportation
  • Wire & Cable
  • Sporting Goods
  • Appliances/Power Tools
  • Leisure Products
  • Garden and Lawn Equipment
  • Household Goods
  • Aircraft/Aerospace
  • Toys


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